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Xperia™ C3 Dual

Five MP, wide-angle front camera with LED flash and real-time selfie apps

Never miss a selfie moment with the Xperia C3 Dual

At a club with friends. Bored at work. Posing with your pet dog. There’s always time for a selfie or group pic. And with the Xperia C3 Dual you’ll always be captured looking your best, day or night.

A front camera with the works

What do you get if you combine a five MP front camera with a super wide-angle lens and a soft LED flash? An Android™ smartphone ideal for selfies and movie talk, that’s what.

Your best look just got better

Use the Portrait retouch app to convert your look with ten different beauty styles, add joy DECO-frames and magic slat eye effects. See makeovers in real time, before capturing the shot.

Tips and tricks for the flawless selfie

Good lighting is key

Lighting will make or break your selfie. For best results stand with the sun or light source in front of you so your face is highlighted. If you’re taking a selfie at night or in a dimly lit place, use Superior Auto and the soft LED flash on your Xperia C3 Dual and paint your selfies with a natural wash of light.

Say it with a smile

Get a friend to make you laugh and use the smile detection feature on your Xperia C3 Dual to capture your genuine joy side. No need to press a button, just smile. Not in a smiley mood? Then just be natural and use the handy camera button on the side of the phone to snap yourself reading a book, sipping a coffee or talking to a friend.

How to fit more into the framework

Fitting all your friends in a group shot can be a challenge – someone always gets cropped out. The Xperia C3 Dual, with its ultra wide-angle lens (25mm, eighty degrees) makes taking group pics effortless. No need to get an arm extension, just capture that magic moment with all your friends in the shot.

Get the big-screen practice for movie calls

With amazing picture quality on its large Five.5” HD display, a wide-angle five MP front camera and super lightweight design, the Xperia C3 Dual is the ideal movie talk Android phone. And because the Xperia C3 Dual camera has it all, the person you’re talking to will see a clear, great-looking picture of you.

HD entertainment at any angle

Optimised with Sony TV technologies, the Xperia C3 Dual has an astounding Five.5” HD IPS screen that brings you entertainment with incredible colour and clarity from any angle.

Live life in the prompt lane with super-fast 4G

Get ready for instant gratification. Super-fast 4G technology gives you access to entertainment anytime and anywhere.

Lightweight and slender, for life on the go

The slender, sleek, lightweight design of the Xperia C3 Dual makes it the flawless companion for a busy day. It may be light, but it boasts a large Five.5” HD display for superb viewing from any angle. Choose from black or white – or stand out in a crowd with the mint colour option.

Treat calls on both SIM cards

Dual-SIM smartphones come with many advantages. They permit you to separate work and play – and treat your calls more cost-efficiently. With our fresh dual SIM feature you can talk on one SIM and still receive calls from the other, instead of going to voicemail. This gives you the option of putting the very first call on hold while answering the one coming in. So you need never miss a call. You activate the dual SIM feature when you set up your phone. If you add your 2nd SIM card later, you can always access the setup guide from the Settings menu.

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