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Facebook brings fresh masks, filters and reactions to Messenger movie talk

Facebook is bringing a ton of fresh filters, masks and movie reactions to movie talks in Messenger, aiming to produce a more joy practice to junior users on the app and shore up the service against rivaling movie talk apps. Read More

Tumblr launches Cabana, a fresh app for watching movies with friends

Tumblr today is launching a fresh app, called Cabana, which permits a group of friends to movie talk and witness movies together, in real time. The app is being introduced under the Tumblr brand, and will cater to the type of users who frequent Tumblr’s blogging service – teenagers and youthfull adults – but it’s not presently designed to interoperate with Tumblr’s product… Read More

Fam raises $1.8 million for its iMessage-based group movie talk app

The iMessage App Store may have its fights, but one app aimed at bringing group movie talk into the iMessage practice is reportedly taking off. Smack, the company behind the movie talk app called Fam, has raised $1.8 million in funding for its Top twenty five Social Networking app on the App Store that permits groups to talk with one another via iMessage with just a few taps. Read More drops its fourth app, a movie messenger called Ping Pong, the tween and teenage focused lip-syncing app, has just dropped another app onto the App Store. Days ago, the company launched a movie messaging app called Ping Pong on the App Store, in what shows up to be a test ahead of a public debut. This is the fourth app for the rapidly growing Shanghai-based startup, whose flagship app had over one hundred million users as of last fall, and whose… Read More

Google Hangouts API gets dangled out to dry

Draw with your face? Conference call ping pong? Not any more. Google today calmly exposed that it will shut down the Hangouts API, preventing fresh apps from being built and shutting off existing apps on April 25th. There was no blog post about this, just an updated FAQ and email notification to developers active on the API, forwarded to us by one of these devs. Some examples of practices… Read More

Fam lets you do group videochats directly within iMessage

In my opinion, one of FaceTime’s major flaws is the lack of group movie talk. Sure, apps like Skype, ooVoo and now Messenger let you do group movie talks, but it’s just not as seamless as FaceTime. And while Houseparty has also recently entered the group movie talk race, they are focused more on providing a collective space for all of your friends to pop in and out of a movie… Read More

Facebook Messenger launches 6-screen group movie talk with selfie masks

Teenage app sensation Houseparty will get some competition as Facebook Messenger is launching its own split-screen group movie talk feature. Six users can emerge in split-screen at the time and don Snapchat-style selfie masks, while fifty total can listen and talk over voice while sending text, stickers, emojis, and GIFs. The feature could make a Messenger a place to “livechill&#8221… Read More

Tribe augments movie talk with speech recognition subtitles and suggested links

Tribe’s voice recognition movie talk technology could make Snapchat and Facebook Messenger look outdated. That tech also attracted a $Three million seed round led by prestigious VC Sequoia, its very first seed investment of the year. Today, Tribe’s one-touch movie walkie-talkie app launches a massive Version two update on iOS and Android powered by access to some unreleased Google voice APIs. Read More

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Atlassian’s HipChat gets group movie talks

In Atlassian‘s view, movie is the next battlefield in the enterprise talk wars (a war it is mostly fighting with Slack, it seems). Its HipChat group messaging app launched one-on-one movie talks back in 2014, but today, it is pushing this further by launching group movie talks, as well. To enable this, Atlassian built a fresh movie platform based on its acquisition of BlueJimp and… Read More

Sean Parker’s Airtime acquires WebRTC movie talk wizards vLine

It takes some serious engineering magic to build low-latency group mobile movie talk and simultaneous content viewing. That’s why Sean Parker’s recently relaunched movie talk room app Airtime acquired vLine, which suggested movie talk infrastructure to SaaS companies. Founded in 2010, vLine was backed with $1.Five million from Kleiner Perkins and Harrison Metal. vLine’s team will… Read More

Sean Parker relaunches Airtime, a movie talk room for watching – together

Social networks make us lonely, and messaging feels transactional. There’s still no vibrant, real-time place to dangle out with friends online. That’s why four years after Sean Parker’s talk roulette website Airtime fell plane, he’s reviving it as a mobile talk room where friends can share photos, music, and movies that they all practice at the same time. Launching on iOS… Read More

Snapchat seamlessly combines movie, audio, GIFs, stickers in “Talk Two.0”

Say what you want, how you want. That’s how Snapchat’s reps say CEO Evan Spiegel describes Talk Two.0, a massive set of fresh features launching today. It lets private conversations morph inbetween mediums depending on what users want to showcase or tell, and whether they can speak up or must stay silent. As WhatsApp concentrates on simpleness and Facebook Messenger pursues commerce, Snapchat… Read More

Online Meeting Service Expands To Movie, Still No Download Required

As anyone who has attended online meetings knows, traditional software with its clunky user interfaces and required software installations was in need of a switch. That’s why LogMeIn’s online meeting service has for some time now suggested an advantage: you could quickly host or join online meetings for free, then talk and share screens without cumbersome software… Read More

Pop Launches An App That Makes Movie Talk As Effortless As SMS

A fresh movie messaging app, Pop, founded by Josh Nguyen, who previously ran product at both Tumblr and Flickr, is launching today to make movie messages as effortless to send as traditional SMS. Using a elementary, one-screen interface, Pop connects with your phone’s address book and lets you send out a brief movie with just a tap, even permitting you to add colorful filters on top of the message… Read More

Movie Talk App Rounds Raises $12M In Fresh Funding Led By Sequoia

Rounds, a movie talk company based in Tel Aviv, Israel, is announcing that it has raised $12 million in Series B funding. The company was founded back in two thousand eight under the name Gixoo, launching a movie platform called 6rounds a year later. Rounds says it now has twenty five million registered users, and CEO Dany Fishel told me that the “vast majority” of them joined in the past few months. Read More

Looksery Launches A Movie Talking App That Makes You Look More Attractive

Want to look more attractive on movie? Or just different? Earlier this year, a company called Looksery popped up on Kickstarter to raise crowdfunding for a fresh kind of mobile movie talk application that permits users to look more attractive on movie using special effects that can eliminate blemishes, let you switch your eye color, slender your face, and more. The app, which is live as of today on… Read More

Looksery Launches On Kickstarter With An App That Makes You Look Better (Or Just Funnier) On Movie Talk

While I don’t tend to write about mobile apps undergoing crowdfunding campaigns because – well, just code the thing already – I’m going to make an exception for Looksery. Announced today on Kickstarter, this fresh mobile movie communications startup is working to introduce a clever application that lets you switch your facial features, add funny effects, or convert… Read More

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