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WhatsApp movie calling on Android, iOS: Here is how it works

WhatsApp has just announced movie calling for all users embarking November 15. The feature will roll out to all users over the next few days. WhatsApp was launched in two thousand nine as a rich messaging service and is now one of the world’s largest OTT messaging platforms with over one billion users,. It added voice calls in early 2015.

Here is how the fresh movie calling feature works. The feature will begin rolling out for users by tonight.

Movie calling will work on all devices with Android Four.1 and above. The rollout is happening at the same time for iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices, thus covering the top mobile operating systems across the world. Users will need to upgrade their app for the feature to showcase display up. When you click on the call button, you will begin getting a fresh movie calls options along with the existing voice calls.

Once the call connects, you will be able to choose either from or back camera of the phone for the movie. You will be able to choose if the preview of your movie is the main photo or the incoming movie. Also, the location of the smaller window can be moved to anywhere on the screen.

WhatsApp says it does not assume anything about the quality of the network from which the movie call is being made. So the movie call quality will improve as the system recognises that the network quality is good.

The movie calling feature has keep kept truly plain so that engages everyone without confusing them. The one extra feature is the capability to multi-task by minimising the movie and using other apps on the phone. User will be able to comeback to the call by tapping on the green band that emerges across apps.

At the moment the movie calling feature can be used synchronously inbetween two users and not to entire groups.

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