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Instant messaging applications (the multi platforms mobile apps) are getting very popular these days. Be it Viber, Whatsapp, Hike or WeChat – all of these are liked by so many people around the globe. WeChat recently crossed 300 million customer’s, which is a hefty number. Good thing about WeChat is it is available for almost all mobile platforms – iPhone, Android, Windows, Nokia Symbian and Blackberry.

WeChat is not just limited to text messaging (like Whatsapp) but is one step ahead and offers voice and movie talk as well. In addition to this, WeChat also offers some cool features like Jiggle, Look Around (to connect with strangers – make fresh friends). In brief, WeChat is a accomplish communication app and a must attempt one.

When it comes to iPad, WeChat does not suggest any special app for iPad. The iPhone app of WeChat works on iPad as well. In this article we will review the WeChat iPad application . More than a review it is a step by step guide on WeChat features (using it on iPad) and with screenshots.

Installing WeChat Application

  • On your iPad – Go to the app store and search for “WeChat” as shown in the photo below.
  • WeChat does not suggest any app for iPad, so you will have to look out in the iPhone section.
  • In the iPhone section you will see WeChat listed. Select this application.
  • Click on the download link, as shown in the picture below.

Creating Account with WeChat

  • Open the application and select “Log In”
  • Inject your mobile number – you will be send a verification code
  • SMS will be sent on your mobile phone – that is the verification code
  • Verify your phone number as shown in the pic below (regarding verification of wechat)

Enable Address Matching

This is significant if you want your contacts from iPad to be shown in the WeChat automatically (offcourse the ones which are already on WeChat)

Enable Location Services

This is again significant step. WeChat has lots of feature (like Drift Bottle, Jiggle, Look Around) which require to access your location and find people near you. So you need to enable Location Services to access WeChat.

Adding Fresh Friends – Contacts

You have different ways to add contacts – that is either search your friend by his phone number, select contact from your address book or connect with Facebook to find friends. Simplest is to search by his phone number.

  • Select contacts tab at the bottom of the screen
  • Select “Add by ID”
  • Inject his mobile number (without country code)
  • WeChat will search for your friend. Once found he will be listed – select “ADD”.

Talking on WeChat

  • Talking on WeChat is very ordinary – just select and contact and commence talking with him/her. You can send voice messages. Select Smiley window to select various smileys (Wechat Emoticons)
  • Messages are delivered instantly without any delay
  • Works excellent on iPad as well
  • You can also make voice calls and movie calls on Wechat application – this is possible only when the other party (person you are calling) supports this feature.

If your friend phone is demonstrating that it cannot be called (Voice/Movie), ask him to update the WeChat application as these are latest features. You can also use WeChat as walkie talkie (Live Talk).

  • For making Voice/Movie Calls – click the plus button during the talk. This is list all the available options.

Other WeChat Features Supported on iPad

WeChat on iPad is a finish app in itself supporting all the features of an iPhone application.

  • Use WeChat emoticons during the talk – click on the smiley button and entire set of smileys will open up. WeChat on iPad also supports animated smileys – keep scrolling and you will find it.
  • Buy WeChat Emoticons Package – Free ones are good, however some people are fond of smileys. You can purchase set of WeChat smileys for low cost (one pack for $1)
  • Moments – Just like Facebook, WeChat has a wall or posts feature. You share status messages (pictures/text/movies) and these are maintained in a timeline. You can anytime look at your timeline to view what you have collective in the past
  • Talk History and backup also supported on iPad
  • Drift Bottle, Jiggle, Look Around are some extra features supported on WeChat app for iPad Two/iPad Mini.

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