Yahoo Messenger Voice Talk doesn – t work

Yahoo Messenger Voice Talk doesn’t work

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OK this little problem is driving me a bit nuts. Yahoo! Messenger voice talk does not work. My wifey’s computer and my computer are having the same problem. Here’s what I’ve learned so far:

When I click the “TALK” button in the talk window I get the following dialog box, VOICE ERROR “Trouble communicating with the voice server. Attempting to reconnect…” I click on OK and nothing seems to happen.

Dell Dimension four thousand six hundred purchased 1/2004

Intel PRO/100 VE Network Connection

SoundMax Integrated Digital Audio

Logitech Clicksmart 310

Yahoo Messenger v5.6.0.1358

My wifey’s system

Dell Dimension two thousand four hundred purchased 1/2004

Intel PRO/100 VE Network Connection

SoundMax Integrated Digital Audio

Logitech Messenger Camera .

Yahoo Messenger v5.6.0.1358

(sometimes she can voice talk)

-Mototola SurfBoard cable modem

-Linksys BEFSR41 router

NOTE: Yahoo voice talk works fine on the kids older computers (on the same network) loaded with Windows ninety eight and Windows ME!

I’ve done the following:

-Reconfigured the router to open ports 5000-5010 and port five thousand one hundred (for Yahoo SuperCAM)

-Turned off the computer’s firewall

-Reinstalled the sound drivers

-Reinstalled Yahoo Messenger

(including deleting the entire Yahoo folder)

-Ran DXDIAG and turned off “Hardware sound acceleration level”, ran the diagnostics and returned the level back to utter (it;s been back set to all levels many times during my testing)

-Yahoo! Audio Setup Wizard “Step four of Five: Connection” passes, Conference test sounds OK, but if I hold the TEST button down for too long I get what sounds like sleigh bells that fade in and out along with my voice. Before running DXDIAG it used to sound like a lion roaring and I couldn’t hear my voice play back.

-Web cam works fine. Albeit, I don’t think SuperCam is working, but I haven’t spent much time looking into it.

-Microphone and speakers work excellent in all other applications that I’ve attempted them in.

After researching all this for hours, I still do not have voice talk working on the fresh computers. Voice works excellent on the kids computers so I know the router and ISP are not involved. Yahoo audio test “connection test” passes on the fresh computers so I’m pretty sure all the network stuff is good.

I’ve been reading notes on the RTCDLL.DLL file for MSN Messenger, but I’m not sure if they apply to Y!M.

I’m suspecting I have a driver problem of some sort but I don’t know for sure. Any help you can suggest would be fantastic.

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