Yahoo! Messenger (free) – Download latest version in English on phpnuke

Yahoo! Messenger 11.Five.0.228

Keep talking for free whilst playing

Yahoo! Messenger: The best messenger to please your needs, but not greed!

By Elizabeth Tweetee

On Friday, August 1, 2014

Yahoo! Messenger is a superb talking platform to keep connected with your dearest ones around the planet. It permits you do text talks, movie and audio calls, instant messaging, social networking, mailing and everything under one roof for free.

Anyone with an active yahoo account can sign in to yahoo messenger. You will have to pay nothing for using its functionalities. It supports almost all functionalities to sate your needs, but not your greed. One may find its audio and movie call qualities to be poor compared to advanced talking platforms like Skype, but keep in mind that this software is meant only as a desktop version of Yahoo! Mail today. Emoticon support is an interesting feature on Yahoo! Messenger.

Even tho’ Yahoo Messenger is facing death in the competition with Skype and Facebook, people still love this software as it was once their only mean to keep in touch with friends. It is a good free talking platform that can perform all basic needs of yours!

  • Supports almost all apple emoticons
  • Can access yahoo mail inbox
  • Best for pic sharing facilities
  • Can support broad range of devices
  • Low audio and movie call qualities
  • No more updates available for the software

Keep in Touch With All Of Your Friends and Family Using Yahoo! Messenger

On Monday, May Nineteen, 2014

Yahoo! Messenger is the one of the most well known messenger applications worldwide. I have been using this program for a long time simply because I’ve grown very familiar with it. It permits me to talk with my facebook friends and family via its instant messaging feature. This version has been integrated into the latest version. Using this messenger I can now use movie talk into total screen mode. I like this because I stay connected with my friends whether on my mobile phone, in school or while I am at the office. I can also update my facebook status from my yahoo messenger account.

The very first time I used this fresh version, I noticed some improvements were incorporated to it. These include numerous games and emoticons that were added to the movie talk. I choose this version because it is still plain to use and the fresh instruments are fairly useful. I simply don’t understand why other people find it intrusive and annoying , but for me, I think this is one of the top messenger applications there is.

  • You can communicate with other yahoo users
  • Capability to link to social network accounts

Yahoo Messenger:- One of the best Messenger softwares of all time

By Sachin Titus

On Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Yahoo Messenger is was the most popular talking platform of a time. But now, by the arrival of Whatsapp and Facebook, most people hopped to them and Yahoo Messenger is becoming abandoned. It was one of the very first movie talk platform in the world. The software is facing death because Yahoo did not update it with the technological advancements.

YM can be considered as standalone software for yahoo mail. You don’t have to depend on browser for accessing your Yahoo Mail. Audio, Movie and Text talks can be made using Yahoo Messenger. Emoticons where very first introduced by this Messenger software. For using the software, all you need is a Yahoo ID. The software is available from all leading download sites and installation is plain. You can begin communicating with friends by simply logging in to the software using your Yahoo ID. The software offers movie talking facility also. But movies are very pixelated and I recommend you use Skype for that purpose.

Yahoo Messenger is one of the very first talking softwares. It is actually standalone software of Yahoo mail and all conversations are carried out through your email. Movie calling is supported by the software, but movie quality is indeed bad. I recommend you go for some other Messengers like Skype, Whatsapp or Facebook talks.

  • Movie calling can be done using this software
  • Audio calling and instant messaging options
  • Emoticon support on instant messaging
  • Can access Yahoo mail without opening browser
  • Pixelated movie on movie calls
  • User interface is not attractive
  • Yahoo is not releasing updates any more
  • People migrate to Facebook and Whatsapp

Yahoo! Messenger (free) – Download latest version in English on phpnuke

Yahoo! Messenger 11.Five.0.228

Keep talking for free whilst playing

yahoo messenger is the fresh competition for whats app isnt it?

By Kevin Kimaita

On Tuesday, September Two, 2014

Yahoo messanger is a messanging aplication that also supports advertisement and it was created by yahoo.It also makes one able to access mail for example yahoo mail and it also offers a broad range of services that include yahoo talk rooms whereby users are able to talk with other users in different parts of the world and be able to exchange ideas.

The features of yahoo messenger are as goes after

Calls.some devices using android or ios can support both audio and movie calls among the users.

Radio.users can listen to songs on the radio. messenger users can be ablr to use the webcam services which enables them to view other users arond the world and be able to exchange ideas.

The following are the minimum requirements of yahoo messenger in a pc

Operating system windows xp,vista,7 or 8.

processor one ghz or higher.

memory five hundred twelve mb ram for windows xp or one gb for windows vista and seven

hard drive space one hundred mb

Yahoo messenger users can now send instant messaging to other users for free of charge.

  • its not complicated so its effortless to use.
  • yahoo talk users can also send brief messages

Instant Messaging that can share and suggest more than just messages

By Beatrice Sunburn

On Friday, August 22, 2014

Nowadays, instant messaging applications play a vital role in our daily lives as they provide an effortless means and just a click-away communication method. They can be downloaded from various websites for free. Not only that, instant messaging apps even suggest various features that make message exchange prompt, more titillating, and more joy.

One of these added features that I love sending of is the emoticons that express my feelings without typing any single word. Moreover, this messaging app has a unique user-friendly graphical user interface that can be customized by switching the theme with my desired designs according to my mood. I can even find and invite my friend or set of friends to talk with me with my option to either just talk with them or along with high quality movie, that makes it even possible to talk with them. I can also share multimedia contents like movies and pictures. And when I left the conversation and come back at anytime soon, I am sure that my message history with my friends is still there, so I can keep track with our latest topic. If my friends went offline, I can still keep in touch with them by sending them SMS for free.

Bottom line is, this messaging app makes it possible for me to communicate with my friends and loved ones as effortless as 1-2-3. 1- Download the app, 2- Install, and 3- Talk.

  • It has group messaging and movie conferencing feature
  • Sends and receives messages in real time
  • It requires an internet connection
  • Recipient will incur carrier charges for receiving SMS

Yahoo! Messenger (free) – Download latest version in English on phpnuke

Yahoo! Messenger 11.Five.0.228

Keep talking for free whilst playing


On Monday, January 26, 2015

Yahoo! Messenger 11.Five.0228

When it was very first launched the Yahoo! Messenger was just a elementary talk client. In later updates considerable improvements have been made to its features plus fresh ones created to make it more attractive. This update the Yahoo! Messenger 11.Five.0228 is the latest and comes with improved features.

With this device you are enabled to interact with other users on your contact list through talk messages. To make your feelings come out clearly emoticons have been added to accompany your talk messages. More improvements on the software includes addition of movie talk mode and multiplayer games that makes it more pleasant. There is integration with social networks where you can talk with your Facebook friends and also play games. For you to love all these features you have a Yahoo ID and password login to this talk client. All these improvements make the talk client be able to treat all the users needs as dictated by current times.

  • It has improved features tha go along with current times
  • It integrates with social networks making it more attractive
  • Has been bypassed by fresh talk implements e.g skype

Get the total practice of online social media using this cool app

By Legacy Stranger

On Monday, June 8, 2015

Yahoo messenger is an app meant to bring people together by the use of its effortless to use messaging technics. You need to have a yahoo id in order to use it. Once you have successfully logged in you can mail other people in an instant. The app also helps out when you need notification or message alerts on the base of your finger tips.

After the launch of the app yahoo users were given the choice to use their own passwords, unlike before when you were given a machine based password. The reason why people were permitted to use their own passwords, is because machine based password were recalling and one hundred users would be given the same identical password with only the user id being different.

This was met by many hack technologies being introduced, but that is the past and now yahoo messenger is more secure that most messengers. Yahoo messenger also has an online talk room where you can carry conversation with many people in the same time meting many fresh people and making friends.

Yahoo messenger is also free of charge and doent carry any hidden costs, you can carry conversation from phone to phone, phone to comp, comp to phone, com to comp. This messenger will surely suprise you with all the ordinary and some complicated implements that it has..

if you are lookong for a messaging app for you phone or pc you may want to consider going the yahoo way because it has many offers that most dont have and that some charge for.

  • It has a talk room where you can meet many people
  • it is free to use
  • Fully support of cross platform hasnt been introduced

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