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Objective [ edit ]

Videoconferencing is a way to connect numerous distributed parties via global communication networks to permit for movie and audio exchanges inbetween numerous parties at the same time. This article is to describe what cross-platform software is presently available for cheap or free and their capabilities.

WebRTC [ edit ]

WebRTC is a standard protocol for encrypted movie communication whose API is implemented in many open source browsers, such as Mozilla Firefox. There’s a few open source software products that utilize Web RTC without requiring the installation of software other than the web browser (no addons needed). Many WebRTC-backed websites utilize proprietary software. Here’s some that don’t:

Jitsi Meet [ edit ]

NodeJS powered scalable website whose sourcecode can be downloaded to run on your own apache webserver. Utilizes Jitsi Videobridge with WebRTC & SFU for scalability

Jangouts [ edit ]

Jangouts is a self-hosted, open-source solution with a UI similar to Google Hangouts, backed by the Janus Gateway using WebRTC. [ edit ] is an open-source, NodeJS-backed, self-hosted movie conferencing service based on Web RTC. [ edit ] is an open source NodeJS & Go self-hosted movie conferencing solution using WebRTC with example configurations for nginx.

Open-Source Software [ edit ]

has a test room

hosted version free to use while beta testing.

Webhuddle [ edit ]

  • No audio

TokBox [ edit ]

  • Incompatibility with Linux

Meetecho [ edit ]

  • Free for three people, pay for more. Argh.

OpenMeetings [ edit ]

  • Free and Open Source
  • Audio and Movie Conferencing
  • Meeting Recording and Screen Sharing
  • File Explorer and Moderating System
  • Multi-Whiteboard and Talk
  • User and Room Management
  • Private Message Centre
  • Integrated Calender
  • Polls and Votes
  • Backup
  • Available as a Hosted Service OR Download and Install as Package on Server
  • No Usage or User Limitations

MeetingBurner [ edit ]

Skype [ edit ]

  • Mac
  • Windows
  • linux
  • Android (audio only in group movie talk)
  • iOS (audio only in group movie talk)
  • One-to-one movie conferencing: free
  • Unlimited audio conferencing: free
  • More than two simultaneous movie conferencing parties: $Four.95/mo

ooVoo [ edit ]

  • Up to six simultanuous movie conferencing parties: Free (with ads)
  • Up to six simultanuous movie conferencing parties: $9.95/mo (no ads)
  • Up to twelve simultaneous movie conferencing parties: $29.95/mo [ edit ]

  • Up to six simultaneous movie conferencing parties: Free

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