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Top three Movie Communication Software for Windows

There are many movie communication software in the market. So many that you may get confused over which is best suited for your needs. Skype, of course, is the one that stands out in the crowd. You can make unlimited one-to-one calls with the free account and talk as much as you want. With just $Four.99 per month, you can create movie conferences with ten people at a time.

The only thing is that the person, with whom you wish to talk, should also have Skype installed on his or her computer or video-phone. But that is the case with almost all other applications.

Skype Alternatives

If you wish to look beyond Skype, for individual or business reasons, here are the top three movie communication applications. The list is based on my own practice and may differ from how you may rank them. Also, I am keeping these three applications below Skype as I found Skype the best for both private and business needs.


I doubt if many people know about ooVoo movie communication application. Still, I place it right next to Skype as the service does not require all your called persons to install the ooVoo software. They can connect using their browser. You can set up movie talks also with the maximum number of six people attending the movie talk. Just determine the time in advance, send the invites and commence talking.

Oovoo also permits desktop sharing and file transfers up to 25GB. I find it ideal for brainstorming sessions and for movie conferencing. In addition to movie calls, you can text your friends on ooVoo or place calls from computer to directly cellphones and landlines. If you want, you can record the phone calls.

The only negative is the high number of advertisements. But if they have to keep the service free, they need to display the ads.


Tango is good for phone to phone movie calls and for phone to computer or computer to phone movie calls. You can call directly, simply by injecting your friend’s mobile phone number. Or you may want to invite your friend to install Tango on his or her phone by sending them an invite.

You can also search for your friends who have already installed Tango by uploading your contact list to Tango.

For phones, both parties need to have a front camera installed else it would turn out to be an audio call – or movie one side and audio from other. I have not used this much but still, it provides good quality movies when used via good phones as opposed to the default software provided by many phone manufacturers.

Google Hangout

You must have heard of Google Hangout. Recently, the US president Obama and some other senators used Google Hangout to connect with public. Hangout works as part of Google Plus. When you are on Google Plus, click the button on right side of screen to launch Google Hangout.

If you are using it for the very first time, Google Plus will download and install Google movie talk to your computer. You can call one on one or embark a movie conference with one or more circles (a feature of Google Plus that resembles a group of people).

These are three – apart from Skype – movie communication applications I have found interesting. Let us know which app is your dearest to place movie calls via computer or cellphone.

Let me know if you have any favorites.

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