Movie Talk with Santa Using the – Hello Santa – App

Movie Talk with Santa Using the ‘Hello Santa’ App

Dear, world: Santa Claus is real. The end. Love, Ronald. Or, at least, you can make your kids actually believe this through a fresh iOS app and website available this holiday season. Called Hello Santa, the online service provides a way for your kids (or you…) to movie talk with Santa himself. It’s a much more engaging and honestly less dubious interaction than your typical shopping mall Santa Claus.

Created by JibJab, the digital entertainment studio responsible for creating personalized content, Hello Santa is just another way through which to put some smiles on people’s face this Christmas season. the company is also known for its Elf Joy Factory, which permits Web users to place pictures of their friends and family on dancing, singing elves.

Available on the Web and as an iOS application, Hello Santa permits parents to pay for scheduled live calls with or individual, pre-recorded movie messages from Santa Claus directly from the North Pole (for the skeptics out there: maybe from some studio somewhere). With the option of sharing joy individual facts about their kids, parents can give them an even more joyful holiday season with these calls from Santa.

The service is available now until Christmas Eve (December 24, duh). Parents can schedule the live or pre-recorded calls with Santa from the Hello Santa website or the Hello Santa application. As part of the service, families will also receive a picture-in-picture movie recording of the entire call for them to keep in their family archives.

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