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Viber Desktop Launches On Windows 8

Viber has been busy lately with the launch of fresh revenue-generating features like a Sticker Market and Viber Out, but today the company is focused on expanding its reach with the release of Viber for Windows 8.

Viber very first launched on the desktop back in May, with support for PC and Mac.

Today, the company is extending the suggest to Windows 8-powered users, with features tailored especially to the operating system.

In the Windows eight version of Viber desktop, users can pin conversations to their Begin screen, snap Viber to the side of the screen with Snap View, and search for Viber contacts using the universal search charm.

As is the case with other versions of Viber, Windows eight users will also be able to switch inbetween desktop and mobile with a single shove of a button.

Here’s what CEO and founder Talmon Marco had to say about the release:

his is the natural next step for Viber following our support for Windows Phone 8, bringing a fully compatible and custom-built designed version of Viber to Microsoft’s touch-friendly OS. Windows eight is an arousing platform to develop for, and brings a entire fresh set of UI elements and unique functionality to Viber for the very first time. We are excited to support Viber users on Windows eight and this is part of our commitment to broad, cross platform availability.

Viber recently launched a competitive calling feature that lets Viber users call non-viber users on either mobile or landline, the same way that Skype works. The main difference inbetween the two is price, with Viber costing far less than Skype in most situations.

If you’re interested in learning more about Viber, check out the website here.

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