Top ten Line Movie Call Alternatives To Make Free Talks and Movie Calls

Top ten Line Movie Call Alternatives To Make Free Talks and Movie Calls

Prompt and reliable communication is essential for every single person today to conduct their daily life. With the advancement in Technology, fresh modern developed smartphones applications and software have made it fairly effortless to make instant free talk and movie call to friends and relative using the internet. Today, we are sharing you the top ten Line Movie Alternatives to make free talks and movie calls using your Wi-Fi or data pack.

The most reliable and interesting top ten Line like free talk and movie app are as go after. You can use any one of them for free talking and make movie calls.

1. WhatsApp

Platforms: iOS, Android, Samsung, Window Phone, Nokia,

Description: Like Line, WhatsApp is also a free instant messaging application for smartphones. You can send instant messages, make calls, exchange photos, movies, files and more in a very quick and effortless way. It has been a very popular app these days all over the world. You can lightly download and install it on your device and love it.

Two. Skype

Supported Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Nokia, Bada

Description: Skype is one of the oldest and perhaps the most known movie talk apps available on the web for users. You can make use of both the front and the rear camera

while making a movie call without paying any charge. It works on any smartphone and computers.

Trio. Viber

Platforms: iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Nokia, Bada

Description: Viber is one of the most amazing alternative line movie apps for users. You can use your mobile contact numbers to find out the users. While getting Viber on your device, it sends an access code in a text message on your number. It also uses your mobile contact list to find who are on Viber. It always permits you to call users, provided your smartphone is connected to the Internet.

Four. Facebook Messanger

Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Nokia

Description: Facebook Messenger is another alternative free app like Line Talk that you can use on iPhone, Android and Window Phone. It is as effortless as line app for sending messaging, making call and movie talks. Like any other application, it permits you have all the features of sending files, pics while doing movie talk and call. Facebook Messanger is lightly available online for download and most smartphones already have it as the default application.

Five. IMO

Platforms: iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Nokia

Description: IMO is another best line talk movie alternative for sending a message and doing movie talk for free with anyone who is online with you. It gives you a very high-quality movie and voice calls on all devices. You can do unlimited calls and texts and even group calls to your friends and family. It is a cool application when we think the alternative to line app.

6. WeChat

Supported platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry

Description: When it comes to thinking of making free movie calls and talks over the internet, WeChat is very likely the best for its amazing features. It lets you have many fresh ways

to make movie/ voice calls. You can love conference call with the Live talk feature. You can also send voice message even if your friend is offline. In fact, it is a superb application to substitute line talk movie call.

7. OoVoo

Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry

Description: ooVoo is a ordinary application to be used as an alternative to line app for having movie call for smartphones and even desktop computers. Using ooVo, you can send rapid and free message, movie call, send files and pictures to other persons. The amazing feature of it lets you integrate with Facebook to make prompt communication with your friends. It also has the feature to make a group call up to ten persons when needed. You will surely love and like if you use this cool app to alternate the Line.

8. Hangouts

Supporting platforms: Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry

Description: Hangouts is a fantastic application from Google which is a fine alternative to Line when we think of making movie talk and calls using the internet. It permits you to make group call to even ten persons at the same time. Hangouts is a flawless software for all Android smartphones and devices. It is very effortless to use as you need your Gmail accounts.

9. FaceTime

Supported Platform: iPhone, iPad

Description: Facetime is an excellent application for an iPhone user. This app permits you to connect with your friends and family direct face to face using the front camera. You can talk, smile, laugh, jokes with anyone on an iPad, iPad touch, iPhone or Mac. Facetime app concentrates on you face up to your arm’s length. The requirement for the functioning of this app needs Wi-Fi or any high-speed internet connection. You can lightly download this from the online store.

Ten. Fring

Platform: iOS, Android, Window Mobile, Nokia

Description: Fring is a free and fantastic mobile application. It is incredible apps for communication like sending text, picture, movie calls, etc. As a free app, it can be lightly found on the internet. To make a free movie call with F ring , you need a just internet connection. It supports almost all smartphones and tablet with internet connection. This cool app has wonderful features. You can also make a movie call with Skype, Twiter, Google Talk users. Additionally, you can interchange picture, movie clips, music and many other files and document with friends, whether they ‘re on mobile or PC.

You can use any one of the ten mentioned applications for making movie talk and calls for free using the internet, and each of them is the best alternative to Line app. You will get all the features those of Line talk in the described applications. Have them and love rapid communication.

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